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The Newest and Hottest Job Skills Needed for 2015

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This skill, that has different job aspects depending on the specific area, is now the most sought-after employee skill needed by employers in 2015. This is because companies need more employees who can analyze and make smarter decisions based on the endless information available out there.

Because of the influence of job role and other similar data, human resources need professionals skilled in “people analytics.” Coupled with rich data and analytical tools, companies still need people skilled in “people analytics” and often call these job roles, CDO, or chief digital officer. The human resources CDO is expected to gather and harness all this data and then use it to measure HR performance on employee engagement and performance, development, recruitment, retention, work efficiency, compensation, and event talent. All this is analyzed if employees are capable of being “return on investment” (ROI) for the company.

People analytics is needed to understand the massive amounts of information available and also identify the threats and opportunities that come as a result of the constant evolving environment for human resources. In the realm of operations, “business data analytics” is the most needed and valuable skill for 2015. Companies need people to properly analyze data coming from customer interactions, supply chain feedback, and other sources. In the area of management, “digital risk analytics” is the risk skill needed. It is a risk skill because analysts need to balance business needs with potential digital risks, while leading the development of new systems pertaining to control and assessment.

Personalization skills

Personalization skills are emerging in 2015 as the important job skill needed in the field of customer relationship management. Companies who hire CDO’s for this purpose must make sure that the employee is not only skilled in IT and information gathering but in “person-to-person skills” as well. These employees will be called to map the knowledge gained from customer behavior analytics. They then need to convert these into targeted, timely, customer engagement and marketing strategies. These employees even need to have skills in using specific technologies like cellular geo-location and personalized messaging.

Generally, now that companies are going more global rather than concentrating on just local areas or one country, the challenge for personalization skills is to be able to continue fast-tracking digital innovation and have companies and businesses pull in more skilled and savvy people who can also pull in data that is being generated everywhere. In this way, personalization skills will also help companies remain competitive in this digital age without completely shifting total dependence on technology.

Companies all need to remain competitive, and the growing demand for digital skills doesn’t mean sacrificing human skills. Rather, technology is now harnessed to improve analyzing data gathered by employees with personalization skills.

Written and verbal communication skills

Many experts and companies now admit that with the advancement of technology, written and verbal communication skills have gone down. In fact, many don’t even pay much attention to this skill, and as a result, there is a continuing decrease in the quality of people who can write and people who can really talk to customers.


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