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The First Job After College Can be a Real Culture Shock

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There’s no other phrase that even comes close to “culture shock” when you land your first job after college graduation. It’s almost akin to moving to a new country with a new language. It’s a transition that can really leave the fresh college graduate unprepared; after all, instead of term paper and research deadlines and attending class on time, the professional life is a world of project report deadlines and attending work on time, in addition to having to wear sharp business outfits if the company requires it. It’s actually not that hard to adjust from college life to corporate life.

Keep up your office manners and do good little things

The best way to get to know co-workers and start to mix in with them is to maximize on office courtesy. Number one consideration is to return phone calls, e-mails, and texts. There are other simple things like replacing the paper in the copy machine when it runs out. Often it’s these little things that people will start to notice and leave a good impression on them.

Recognize the high rank

Always get to know who is running each department and who the human resource supervisors are. Don’t get caught up in just your department. These people hold their job titles for a reason so it’s only right to give some courtesy and respect to them. Someday when these people notice how good you are at your job, they’ll be the ones to offer opportunities.

Get the chance to improve yourself and know your limits

Getting a new job with a new environment is a great way to learn what you can really do and can’t do. You can improve what you already know what you can do well, and find time to learn new things if any form of training come up. Unlike back in the 1970’s and 80’s wherein an employee usually stays with a firm forever after being hired for the first time, the modern worker today can change careers regularly when opportunities come knocking. The skills that you improve upon and those new ones that you learn can take you on new roads when you finally need to leave your first job.

Don’t treat the first job as a stepping stone

Today’s young job applicants know that since they’re still young they can hop from one job to the other in search for that ultimate dream job with the dream compensation. However, this doesn’t give you the license to treat that first job as just a stepping stone to somewhere. For one, you never know where somewhere or anywhere may lead, and it may lead nowhere. You never know that a first job may actually be the lifetime opportunity you may be looking for even if others come later. When you show your superiors that you are working like there’s no tomorrow, promotions and other benefits open up for you and in a few years you may find yourself heading that department where you started working first.

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